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Experience fish enjoyment in the best quality! As a seafood pioneer with experience since 1890, we offer you a comprehensive range of frozen fish and seafood products that leaves nothing to be desired.
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Trust and responsibility: KANZOW has been a traditional Hamburg-based family business for over 130 years.
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Erster LKW von Rud. Kanzow 1983
A company history characterised by tradition and innovation
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Frozen at Sea - Fischfilets
The industry-proven frozen-at-sea process enables consistently excellent product quality by processing fish at sea and freezing it directly.
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Qualitätskontrolle bei KANZOW
Quality management at KANZOW - highest standards, careful approach
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Salmon Fish Farm with floating cages
We are aware that we live in a world that is facing climate change and resource scarcity. Acting responsibly is more important than ever.
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KANZOW quality assurance

Tradition meets innovation: Top quality thanks to frozen-at-sea processing and reliable partners

Top-quality frozen fish since 1890

With our exceptionally high-quality standards, our focus on the customer, and our will to improve and optimise our services when necessary, we set the standard for seafood. This is due to our many years of experience, our highly efficient processes such as frozen-at-sea, and our cooperation with reliable partners. However, we are also driven by a will to positively effect change and our responsibility to face present and future challenges. Our certificates prove KANZOW’s dedication to this goal.

Our company philosophy is embodied in our certifications and memberships

As a certified fish and seafood importer and trader, we are committed to treating valuable marine resources responsibly and with the utmost care. We are also committed to always offer our customers the highest-quality products. To ensure this, we follow recognised standards, which means the quality of our products and our dedication to responsible fishing are verified by recognised institutes.
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MSC certification – quality seal for ecological fishing

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certificate is awarded to fisheries that follow strict ecological standards. These standards are based on three fundamental principles: Conservation of marine wildlife, minimising the impact on marine ecosystems and implementing an effective management system. With this seal of quality, our customers can be certain that the fish and seafood products we provide are sourced from ecologically responsible fisheries.
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ASC-C- 00519

ASC certification – quality seal for responsible aquaculture

The ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certificate takes ecological aspects into account, such as the careful use of bodies of freshwater and saltwater, measures to protect mangrove forests and the promotion of animal welfare. The ASC certificate shows our customers that certified products are sourced from ecological aquacultures.
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IFS Wholesale Plus – top-level proof of quality

The IFS (International Featured Standards) certificate is a recognised certificate for quality that is awarded to companies that meet strict product quality and safety requirements that go beyond those required by law. KANZOW received this certificate in 2021 for the first time and has not only managed to keep the certificate over the years but has even been given a higher-level certificate due to ongoing improvements within the company. This is a clear signal that we are committed to continually optimising our processes and implementing innovative solutions to ensure that customers can rely on the quality and safety of our products.
Logo DSFV - Deutscher Seafood Verband e. V.

KANZOW is a member of the German Seafood Association (Deutscher Seafood Verband)

As a member of the German Seafood Association – an association of leading seafood importers and processors in German-speaking countries – we are committed to the responsible use of marine resources. The association stands for integrity and care when it comes to marine food products. It represents our interests along the entire value chain, from the source to the consumer. Our primary goal is to market seafood as a high-quality, safe food and to offer customers top- quality products.

As fresh as can be: Frozen-at-sea (FAS) processing

With the long-standing frozen-at-sea process, we can guarantee consistently excellent product quality, as fish caught at sea are processed and frozen directly on board. They retain their freshness, flavour and nutrients, as any chemical degradation is stopped immediately. At the same time, product safety is increased by minimising the ability of microorganisms to multiply and contaminate the food. Thus, frozen-at-sea processing also minimises the waste of resources, as fewer fish are lost because of spoilage.
Contact us now to order Salmon, Molluscs or Finger food, or other products of top-quality thanks to our FAS partners and our highly efficient production processes such as frozen-at-sea or superfreeze.

KANZOW quality assurance – Highest standards and careful processes

It’s not just thanks to our certificates or our frozen-at-sea processes that all KANZOW products are of the highest quality. Our long-standing, reliable suppliers also help to ensure that all products comply with our high-quality standards. Regular visits to our suppliers, and in-house audits at KANZOW, ensure compliance with these standards. And all of this is supported by our modern logistics network, which ensures that our customers can rely on punctual delivery and high-quality KANZOW fish and seafood products.
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We check all products we receive based on strict quality standards, working diligently and thoroughly with accredited laboratories to ensure our products are safe.

Focus on the customer

Our top priority is to fulfil all our customers’ requirements. We also fulfil orders quickly, with great precision and flexibility. And we’re happy to fulfil special requests as well.


Our quality assurance routines are based on certified, safe and reliable procedures, which are continuously being optimised based on our many years of experience.

We’re committed to sustainability

We are mindful of the fact that we’re living in a world facing climate change and resource scarcity. Taking responsibility is more important now than ever. At KANZOW, we are committed to making fishing and aquaculture more sustainable to protect the oceans and their resources for future generations. Another important project we plan to drive forward is to reduce carbon emissions along our entire supply chain. Additionally, KANZOW wants to promote social aspects related to the seafood sector.
We have set up a sustainability team that collates and analyses data for CSRD reporting to reach our sustainability goals. With the support of the Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights, our team prepares risk analyses (in accordance with the CSDDD) and trains our procurement staff in human rights due diligence processes. Our procurement team is intrinsically motivated to participate in seminars and informational events, while the team leader is in the process of completing further training to become a sustainability manager.

Responsibility and future goals

Our gaze is firmly set towards the future and we have set ourselves ambitious goals to which we are fully committed. One important milestone along this journey has been the focus on the implementation of transparent sustainability reporting processes, which communicate our progress and our successes in this area openly. We are also continuously working to optimise our supply chains based on environmental, social and economic considerations.
Finally, we also focus on developing innovative plant-based fish substitutes to reduce our impact on the oceans while offering our customers delicious, high-quality products.

In conclusion: You’re always on the safe side with KANZOW

KANZOW has been focusing on our traditions, quality products and innovation for more than a century. Our certified quality assurance procedures, our efficiency with processes such as frozen-at-sea as well as the long-standing relationships we have with our certified partners, and our membership in the German Seafood Association allow us to fulfil even the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability. KANZOW’s goal is to combine sustainability with our corporate values, allowing us to remain a pioneering company within our industry. We are driven by the chances for change through continuous optimisation.