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Experience fish enjoyment in the best quality! As a seafood pioneer with experience since 1890, we offer you a comprehensive range of frozen fish and seafood products that leaves nothing to be desired.
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Trust and responsibility: KANZOW has been a traditional Hamburg-based family business for over 130 years.
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Erster LKW von Rud. Kanzow 1983
A company history characterised by tradition and innovation
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The industry-proven frozen-at-sea process enables consistently excellent product quality by processing fish at sea and freezing it directly.
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We are aware that we live in a world that is facing climate change and resource scarcity. Acting responsibly is more important than ever.
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KANZOW since 1890

Our history

A history of tradition and innovation

Since its founding in 1890, KANZOW has become a major player in the fish importing and trading industry by combining tradition and innovation.

Erster LKW von Rud. Kanzow 1983
Starting from our humble beginnings in importing, selling and exporting all kinds of salted herring, KANZOW has grown significantly to become the leading supplier of frozen fish and seafood in Germany. We have flourished in the market for a long time, going through periods of growth, challenge and change in equal measure. This success has always been driven by our dedicated management and a desire for constant improvement. Today, KANZOW is a dynamic company that values quality, family and innovation while also offering our customers a high standard of quality and service.
The founding of the company by Rudolph Kanzow in Hamburg marks the beginning of our long story of success. In the early years, the company was focused on the herring trade and its first offices were located at Admiralitätsstraße 24 in Hamburg.
Rudolph Kanzow Geschäftsführer
Lachs aus Oregan um 1892
The first quarter century
When poor herring yields threatened the continued survival of KANZOW, our company founder decided to break new ground by importing frozen Norwegian haddock from a Norwegian fishing company. This was in the early days of refrigeration technology, after the first deep-freeze machine had been invented by the German engineer Carl von Linde in 1876.

Rudolph Kanzow was one of the pioneering importers of fish to Germany, a business venture which wasn’t risk-free at the time and thus would remain a small part of the business for many years. However, starting in 1895, importing North American salmon became surprisingly important. KANZOW was able to set a new standard of quality and variety within the fish trading industry.
1946 – 1967
In 1946, Heinz Wogart took over management responsibilities after the passing of Rudolph Kanzow, which would usher in a new era.
Heinz Wogart Geschäftsführer
KANZOW started importing tinned fish as well as other products such as olive oil, cocoa and chocolate.

In 1958, the company was turned into a limited partnership (KG), prompting structural changes in the company that would lay the foundation for its long-term success under firm and secure company management.

In 1960, the company moved out of its temporary post-war accommodations, moving its offices and warehouses to Hammerbrookstraße 90.

Two years later, KANZOW introduced its own brand of sardines, “Canzonetta”, at a time when importing tinned fish was at its peak.
1968 – 1983
In 1968, the company was turned into a limited liability company (GmbH), before Dirk Wogart became part of the management team in 1970. With this move, the next generation of the family took over management responsibilities, laying the groundwork for future developments. Dirk Wogart’s work was focused on building the company’s very own refrigerated warehouses, which would prove to be a real milestone in the history of KANZOW.

During the 1970s and 1980s, KANZOW was the exclusive sales partner of the RUPERT BRAND in German-speaking countries – an important partnership that would expand the company’s product range significantly.

Management realised that the company could only prosper and expand if quality was the all-defining focus. Thus, KANZOW set out to search for reliable suppliers, travelling the world from South America to Canada and the US, and even East Asia. Many of the professional relationships established during this time are still strong to this day.
Messestand von KANZOW auf der Anuga Messe 1961
1984 - 1999
In 1984, Dirk Wogart succeeded Heinz Wogart as the sole management of the company, ensuring a seamless continuation of the business.
Dirk Martin Wogart Geschäftsführer
Six years later, in 1990, KANZOW celebrated the company’s centenary to honour this exceptional milestone in the history of the company.

This decade also saw the company move to a new location in Trettaustraße, combining offices and warehouses to make operations more efficient.
2000 – 2014
Around the turn of the millennium, KANZOW expanded its target audience to include the cruise industry. This strategic decision would open up new markets for the company, diversifying its customer base and driving further growth.

As in the previous decades, KANZOW participated in numerous trade fairs, presenting itself as an innovative company and fostering closer interactions with customers. Soon, the introduction of the brands MERANUS® and BLUE® would give the company additional drive.

As one of the first importers in Germany, KANZOW recognised the increasing popularity of Asian cuisine, introducing a wide range of sushi products. In 2007, KANZOW established “Superfreeze”, a new type of refrigeration technology that enables the company to store fish such as tuna and Hamachi without discoloration.

In 2013, KANZOW was certified according to MSC standards. One year later, ASC certification would follow. When it comes to sustainable supply chains, you can’t make a clearer commitment than that when you’re a fish and seafood importer.
KANZOW Messestand auf der Intercool Messe 2000
Dirk Wogart schneidet einen Kuchen zum 125-jährigen Jubiläum
2015 – 2022
In 2015, KANZOW celebrated its 125th anniversary with a grand party at Hotel Hafen in Hamburg, inviting customers, suppliers and friends from around the globe. At the same time, KANZOW launched a new logo to renew the KANZOW brand.

In 2016, the company relocated to Altenwerder, where it has remained ever since. Here, our offices are directly adjacent to our state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouses. The quality of our refrigerated warehouses is one thing that is regularly emphasised by auditors during the regular MSC, ASC and IFS (since 2020) audits.

In 2018, Julia Wogart joined the management team as the next generation of the Wogart family running KANZOW.
Since 2023
In 2023, Julia Wogart took over the sole management of KANZOW after Dirk Wogart’s passing, and she has continued to manage the company successfully ever since.

Julia Wogart preserves the company’s DNA by staying true to the core values of quality, family and innovation, leading KANZOW confidently into the future.
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Julia Wogart Geschäftsführerin Kanzow