Your direct contact - Tel.: +49 40 751 980-0

Your direct contact - Tel.: +49 40 751 980-0

Our quality requirements determine our actions

Whether as an end user or as a buyer for a company – of course, everyone is paying attention to the price when shopping. On the price and on the quality.

For many years, the price has often been the key factor in trade deals, including in the food sector. More recently however, food scandals have become increasingly known, which have extended the field of view of the trading partners to quality and sustainability. Consumers’ awareness of fishing methods and quotas, animal husbandry conditions and the influence of aquaculture on the environment play an increasingly important role and influence consumer behavior.

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There are things that are just better when you make them right away. This is true for fresh fish in the true sense of the word.

This sounds logical: the better you know a supplier, the easier it is to ensure that your own quality requirements are a top priority for your partners. Here, we have been pursuing a very own strategy for more than 125 years. We focus on supplier relationships, which are almost family-oriented – worldwide and for generations. This not only creates trust, but also enables us, through early information exchange, to recognize global market trends in time and to respond much more quickly to them than our competition.

Kanzow is freshness